The Sweet Art of Celebration

Established in Hinsdale since 1994 now open in Chicago, Toni is a European inspired Patisserie and Café dedicated to providing the highest quality  "from scratch” products in an inviting atmosphere.  Read More...  

In Season

Toni Patisserie & Cafe features seasonal treats for the whole family to enjoy. Consider us for all of your holiday and gift giving needs.



We'd love to hear from you! For more information, email us at or call during store hours for immediate assistance.

51 S. Washington St. Hinsdale IL 60521 (Map) | 630‑789‑2020

65 E. Washington St. Chicago IL 60602 | 312‑726‑2020

" The cake, which like some great musical works, is composed of simple ingredients skillfully combined.” – The Sun Times